Time Line

This timeline provides a broad overview, and specific milestones and achievements during each year would contribute to a more detailed and nuanced understanding of WIND INITIALS' impactful journey.


WIND INITIALS is founded with a vision to provide free education to marginalized communities.

Initial focus on establishing a free educational institute, offering courses and mentorship programs.


Positive community response leads to expansion of educational programs.

Introduction of skill development initiatives to empower individuals beyond traditional education.



 WIND INITIALS evolves into a comprehensive organization, expanding services to include community-building events and social impact programs.

Initial steps towards redesigning institutions for greater inclusivity.


Active participation in social service activities during crises, such as flood relief efforts.

Introduction of healthcare programs in remote areas to address critical health needs.


 Implementation of strategic fundraising campaigns to support the overall development of minority communities.

Embracement of technology for efficient program management, expanded online learning opportunities, actively contributing to the discourse on community development.


A holistic approach to community development, addressing education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and business empowerment.

Unveiling future plans focused on global expansion, sustainable practices, and fostering innovation in line with the organization’s mission.